There can be times when you are going on a holiday for a few days and you have to leave your cat behind. Knowing that your fur baby is being watched over by a trusted caregiver will provide you with peace of mind and help you enjoy your holiday.

How will you find a trustworthy caregiver? Well, you have plenty of options like cat boarding facilities or it can be your friends, family or neighbours. It also depends on your cat’s needs, based on which you can also choose to hire someone to take care of the cat in comfortable surroundings. So let’s check out some of these possibilities.

Cat boarding facilities:

Boarding a cat is a simple process and does not take much time. Professional caretakers look after the pets for 10 to 12 hours a day (i.e. outside sleeping time) in these kinds of facilities. During the morning hours, someone usually leaves them alone to roam around. At night, they keep the pets inside safe enclosures. You might find 24×7 functional facilities. These kinds of facilities are good for friendly outgoing cats that don’t sleep as much and cats who require medical attention. Lastly, cat boarding facilities are somewhat affordable, so it is a good option for your cat if you find it suitable.

Professional cat sitters:

Professional cat sitters can be a brilliant choice if you prefer to keep puss in their familiar surroundings. A professional cat sitter will come to your place a few times a day, feed your cat, and clean him up. You will also be able to find full-time caregivers who will move into your house. They are around your cat all the time, that way they can also play with your cat and your cat won’t feel bored. This option is fantastic and also recommended if your pet does not feel safe around other animals in the boarding facilities.

Family and friends:

You are the luckiest if your friend or family member will take care of your pet. This option is the safest and most cost-effective. You can ask someone from your family or friends to come and stay over at your place or you can even drop your fur baby at their place. Otherwise, they can also visit your place a few times a day and take care of all the needs of your cat. Having a known person look after your cat is the best thing. You can have complete peace of mind even when you are away, knowing that your cat is in safe hands.

Whenever you plan to go for a vacation, make sure that the caregiver understands your cat’s daily routine. Just like you sign up for pet insurance NZ and take your pet to the vet whenever required, as a responsible cat parent it is important to leave your cats in the hands of a trustworthy caregiver.