Every minute, users upload more than 500 hours of video to YouTube. To stand out in the sea of ​​content, attract viewers’ attention with a creative intro. The short intro that the audience sees at the beginning of the video talks about the brand, announces the video, and sets you apart from the competition. To create a quality product, you will need a YouTube intro maker.

How to make a great intro?

The intro is a branding element, so it should accompany all the videos on your YouTube channel, maintaining the corporate identity. A good introduction lasts no more than five seconds: this time is enough to set the right mood, but not to abuse the attention of the audience.

Determine the target

Formulate why do you post the video: to entertain, push to buy, share information? What emotion do you want to evoke in the audience, what impression do you want to create? The intro should answer these questions and align with the purpose of the entire video.

Select style

Comedy or dramatic, retro or techno, animated or artistic – the style depends on the concept of the entire channel. When choosing it, be guided by the target audience and the corporate identity of the brand.

Reach out to your audience

When creating any content, always keep the audience in mind. It doesn’t matter for whom you are making a video – scientists, artists or athletes – people should understand from the first seconds that you are talking to them. It will help keep attention and attract a loyal audience.

Design in a corporate style

The introduction is a component of the identity, so it should include the main elements of the corporate identity: name, logo, colours, fonts, slogan (not always). Remember that you have a few seconds to submit, so the message should be read immediately:

  • use the logo as the main visual symbol of the brand – an animated logo can even be the centrepiece of an intro;
  • give preference to easily readable fonts without clicks and design the inscriptions large;
  • add one or two brand colours to make it easier for viewers to recognize and remember you.

Remember that branding is not only visual effects, but also the impression they make on users.

Pick up the music

Like the visuals, the soundtrack will set the tone and tempo for the entire video, engage viewers, and present the channel as a whole.  Music is easy to remember and learn, so it is often associated with brands.

For an intro, you may need a music track or a short sound effect. When choosing them, remember about copyright: choose from the YouTube library or other resources those tracks that are available for free use.

Take care of quality

The quality of the intro will give viewers an impression of the whole video and your brand. We advise you to think over the parameters and format of the video file in advance so that it is displayed correctly on any device.


The standard aspect ratio for YouTube on a computer is 16:9. In other cases (if the video was created with other parameters, or it is watched on a mobile phone), the size of the player will automatically adjust to the size of the picture.

Don’t know how to create an intro? Use sites with ready-made templates or develop a movie from scratch using special services.